Planing your moving

Moving is a great opportunity to reorganize all your belongings, pack everything according to the distribution of the destination. It is also the opportunity to part with everything that is no longer useful and occupies a useless place in our home.


Notify your address change to people and institutions that need to know your new address. This is important to avoid the return of receipts, fees or taxes.

A few days before

Keep your documents in a single box and keep it in a safe place, passports, family book, contracts with banks, insurance contracts, and deeds. Start packing what you use least, leave for the end what you use most. Designate the boxes by the destination room in the new address and make a brief description of their content. It is time to decide which objects you will transport on your own and under your responsibility, such as the box of documents, jewelry, small objects of great value, monetary or sentimental. Put in a box, the items that will be used immediately after the move, toilet paper, towels. Take charge of transporting this box. Put in a handbag the personal items you will need during the move, clean clothes, toiletries, medicines, plans, food and drinks.

The big day

If you can’t be present on moving day, don’t worry. In Maya Moving, we take care of all the details and take care of your belongings. Contact us for a quote today.